Sunday, October 07, 2012

Make-up Artist And Bodypainter Dorothée Hartmann

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 With her incomparable talent she acquired great renown as a makeup artist and bodypainter. With twenty-three years of professional experience, including two world titles, references like Vivienne Westwood Retroperspective and Vogue, she always amazes us with brethtaking projects. Her work is quite unique and therefore it's - unexaggerated - a piece of luxury. Art comes alive when Dorothée Hartmann makes the human skin to her canvas...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic  The main concern of Dorothée Hartmann was to distinguish herself from other makeup artists: ''I thought about it for a long time... and than I've got the idea of the facet of body and face painting. And even in this area there are some very good artists that I wanted to reach or rather I wanted to distinguish myself conscious from them; that is to have a unique selective facyility.'' Accordingly, she sought out two very difficult topics and researched for a long time national and international for informations on the ailability of these topics; ''My specialties are realistic hand-painted plastic lace and veils and reptile skins crocodile and python.'' As a perfectionist her method in every process is always very well-structured and organized. ''I leave nothing to chance, everything is worked out by me in sketches; only in this way my hyper-realistic aspiration reagarding to my drafts and the final presentation can be guaranteed.'' Four to five hours she invests for the procedure of painting including makeup and hair. In the meantime, her models lie on a heated motor couch and can sleep. ''My models are always treated well, because it depends on their attitude afterwards.'' The greatest source of inspiration of Dorothée Hartmann is art thus she researches deeply in literature, history and art history. ''I know fine arts and the periods of it very good. I collect impressions of fashion like others collect stamps...'' Regarding to the future, she has one special dream: ''I would love to take up a very difficult issue with a supermodel face... that is to present Meissner porcelain, a shooting in the manufacture with the original object decorated next to the naked model; or to do the campaign for KPM or another porcelain luxury brand - I trust myself to do it.''

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Photographer: Charly Karl Kanzen, Patrick Styrnol, Jamari Lior, Mike Weis

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