Saturday, October 08, 2011

Quadratiges Photography By Andrea Hübner

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Andrea Hübner is not one of the typical photographers we are used to; she is much more special because of her varying abilities that only very few people command; the ability to capture real feelings and transform them into a visualization, the ability to fill simplicity with emotions and the ability to produce a distanced and yet inviting tension into images. While typical photographers usually present some current fashion trends with an enormous touch of sexuality, Andrea Hübner appreciates the perfection of nature which she always includes in her photo shoots. ''Nature plays an important part for my pictures because I think it's as a backdrop for my pictures always very exciting and diversified'', she explains. ''This backdrop fits much better to my style than a simple studio atmosphere because it helps me to transport the emotions of a picture.'' This is one of the countless recognition values of Quadratiges Photography and also the way nudity of a woman is expressed in her work is quite inspirational and of high quality - so naturally without any sexual ulterior motives on it, just the human being itself and its untold story and thoughts has the priority in Andrea Hübner's photography. ''I think it's very exciting to express a certain atmosphere and mood in a picture. Especially important to me is to have a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere with the people during my shootings and a trusting relationship between photographer and model - it can't work without.'' Based on this foundation of trust Andrea Hübner enables a insight deep into the soul of man, feelings as loneliness remind us of our own aspirations. This might be the secret why we become absored in thoughts at the sight of this images, because of this deepness it always exists a certain harmony in them. A part of her portfolio is also comprised of several detailed views that is only fixated on a object or a certain body part. ''I love to make detailed views because they bring a certain tension to me 'how does the man looks as a whole?' and as well a very immediate proximity to the people.'' Andrea Hübner thus touches and fascinates its beholders because her work responds to their sensitivity and they can identify themselves with the given situation.

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Quadratiges Photography


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Beautiful images. I really enjoyed this! :)

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