Monday, September 12, 2011


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When Alexandra's parents thrust on her 16th birthday a reflex camera into her hand, she didn't know exactly what to do with it. It seemed far too large and impractical to her at first sight, especially in relation to her Olympus digital camera with which she initially snapped self-portraits. Thus, she looked up full of amazement to her parents in the electronics store when they asked her before the showcase "Well, whic one would you like to have? This one, or maybe that?" and soon Alexandra made her first positive experience with the new camera when she first photographed one of her friends. ''The photos had because of the Canon EOS 5D such an fascinating quality that my friend had told everyone how good I would take pictures and one day I photographed all my friends through until I got my first inquiry.'' Alexandra remembers.

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She was also impressed by the room for interpretation and the wide variety and range, that photography could enable its beholder. ''The photography is like a man with many corners and edges, which anyone can interpret differently.'' she says. But the most important and faszinating thing on photography is the fact that a someone can explore its multifaceted personality and perceive himself completely different. ''The fact that a person with more weight also can look great in front of the camera or even someone who has a serious illness can charm a super-radiance on my photo and people with certain problem areas can show themselves and don't need to be ashamed of it!'' Alexandra is absolutely convinced ''Every man deserves to be shown at his best!'' And they surely will in front Alexandra's lens. With a mixture of her well-marked sense of humor and professionalism Alexandra knows exactly how to bring out the best in everyone and thus achieves in a few minutes surprising good images.

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Not only an unrestrained posing contributes for a good result, also the function of fashion is for Alexandra among others a communication of passion, sex and naturalness. ''It depends on what the model is wearing. If the the model wears a summer dress with flowers, the viewer feels a certain sense of summer but prefers the model a miniskirt with a low-cut top, she emits some sexuality.'' The type specific styling of the models and the combination of different garments and accessories isn't even the slightest problem for Alexandra, she thinks the challenge of a photographer is much more to ''present a person or an object from a point of view that no one has ever seen before!'' At an early age of sixteen, Alexandra gained her first experience and became already at age nineteen a professional photographer who is now pursuing her dream to work with the greatest fashion labels and magazines as well as with international supermodels.

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