Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Marifina Couture By Alexandra Maria Frimmer

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Always being others one step ahead is a challenge for many fashion designers but for Alexandra Maria Frimmer it's a self-evidence.
Since she founded her label ''Marifina'' in the year 2009, she's not only living her passion to the fullest, she also enables women with her fashion the refuge into another world - a world where fantasy knows no limits; a world where futurism and nature melt together and form a completely new interpretation of individuality.
The inspiration of Marifina is based in the mere existence of nature, sometimes deeply rooted below the earth and sometimes high up in the sky. All in one, it's a fascinating journey of discovery that enables her insights and impressions into the beauty. Indeed it is, the world is full of beauty, people only need to notice this and Alexandra Maria Frimmer has this capability undoubtedly: „...the shimmering feathering of a bird, the rough bark of a tree, the intricate structure of a delicate flower or the unique shape of a stone. But also the handwriting, coloring and styling of an art work serve me as a source of inspiration for my work.”, the couturière says and underlines her strong affection to nature that is expressed in her artistic work: „On the one hand nature is for me an endless source of shapes, colors and textures; and on the other hand it is the necessary contrast for me to the pulsating life in the fashion capitals of the world.”

Each year Marifina presents two masterfully decorated collections for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter whose incisions are carefully made by construction paper to cut and draping of the brush cutter. „This process is for me always a search and exploring of harmonious proportions and tension-filled silhouettes. Then I manufacture the unique pieces handcrafted from matching fabrics.” No matter wheter she combines brilliant satin, soft velvet or beguiling metallic, the presence of Marifina never loses it's orginality. „I experiment a lot with different materials, edit the surface, work out structures and thus produce my own fabric creations. I often combine different fabrics with the same colour and play with the various structures and the texture of the surfaces, because light refracts on the movements of the surfaces depending on the transparency, gloss and fiber fineness of the starting tissue copmpletely different.” she explains. During such a complex production and realization of constantly new ideas an artist is as a rule daily confronted with new obstacles and complications. In this way, it's quite advantageous to be all set for everything. „I try to limit the risk of potential problem situations, largely, by agents prior to use and most items of clothing from a nearby first sample material.” The secret of her success lies highly likely at this sophisticated work process, but surely also of the great recognition value of her designs which is largely a luxury in todays constantly growing fashion industry dominated by mass productions. Daily, ordinary and fading fashion encounters us, everyday new constructed and copied but true visualitation of the soul that states something as like the fashion of Marifina, a indispensable piece of infinity for its ideal customer: „A woman who - regardless of age or nationality won't plunge into the crowd and estimates individuality, flamboyance, and quality.”

Cocoon, S/S 2010
Elle Germany, S/S 2010
Cocoon, S/S 2010


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