Friday, April 08, 2011

Michael Kippelt - Egotrip

Colourful, fancy, bold and extremely L O U D !

While the usual knitting sweater was giving us in all his naturalness and softness Michael Kippelt provides this brand-new character traits... Character traits full of dynamic and dominance, but also a certain joy of life seems to be behind these playful creations.
The young fashion designer combines knitwear very cool and casual with the blue jeans and dotted or striped shirts.
Computer games and movies had been his inspirational source for this collection that might also explain the three-dimensional effect in his sewing technique and also the fusion of architecture and fashion had been of a great importance for his work:
„I was inspired by the tiles of the elephant house in Hamm and the structural shift from industry to culture in the rest area.”
This isn't a quite unknown topic for me and surely not for each of you because the elephant house made it as the greatest building of an animal shape with 40 metres to the Guinness Book of Records. If you take a look at the first and second photograph you'll also discover similarities between the trunk of an elephant and the added accessory-pieces around the jeans.
As a young fashion designer the dream of Michael Kippelt is quite comprehensible:
„I want to start my own label!”
And he really deals with this dream pretty self-confident compared with many other young fashion designers who are in the main scared of taking a step forward but I'm convinced that fashion-lovers would welcome him because this artificial fashion isn't only eye-catching... it also makes people smile!

(Photography: Olaf Rößler)


MosaMuse said...

the purple piping is kinda cool

Stephanie said...

funky but really awesome!

Eternally yours,

Bahar Karaoglan said...

Thanks for your comment! :)

Best wishes! <3

Kavery said...

Makes quite a change from the normal designer offerings!

Saroya Norris said...

so eclectic! I too like the purple piping


Haute World said...

Very impressive. I like the elephant house references and the way it's integrated as piping. The full suit is very cool.

Anonymous said...

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Bahar Karaoglan said...

Thank you very much!
So kind! :)

Anonymous said...

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Bahar Karaoglan said...

I'll always do my best,
thank you so much for appreciating! :)
It means a lot me!

Best wishes!

So Irlivious said...

Too chic! The way the cubes and tubes touch and interact with the garments to create an united outfit is so stunningly beautiful.

Nice job and props to those involved in the creative process.