Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Katharina Schöne - abNorm

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A Closer Look Behind The Ideal - What Is ''Beautiful''?

A successful collection is in my opinion not only characterized by what we see and perceive, also the idea behind it is of a great importance. As like in the conceptual work of Katharina Schöne which deals thematically with fashion but is expressed in a video performance and objects. The brief conversation with her has developed into a flashback to the 90's when Calvin Klein created in his campaign with Kate Moss the new look, a new perspective of beauty and a new definition of perfection so strong that it's still alive. Slim in, muscles out - The Heroin Chic was born. This obsession with beauty was taken up by Katherina Schöne in her work. „Women change for fashion, fashion does not adapt to the women.” This was the most notable input during the talking, because at this point you want to look behind things, behind an idea and then you realize actually it was supposed to be the other way, fashion should serve women, but in fact it's not. „It's about the idealization that is constructed by the media.” Katharina Schöne continues, „A fat woman is frowned upon by society, although the average size of women in Germany is by 42.” Women starve themselves to death, break their legs and continue to fight in the most cruel way for a place in the fashion industry. But when will this idealization have an ending, will it ever have at some point? „We grew up with the idea that only a slim body is beautiful, therefore it's difficult to break off it.” says the designer. „Of course there will always be small changes in the body image as time drew on but a revolution like that won't take place any more.” Although it is too late now for a radical change in the idealization, there is still hope to be clear about that after all the body image which we all emulate is just a social construction. Always criticize your own thoughts and try to answer thereby the question of the young designer: „Why is something beautiful and where does this idea come about that?”

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(Photography: Moritz Götte/Susanne Güttler)

Stills From The Video Performance:

(Photography: Martina Dobrusky)



This is just fantastic and so important to see. Thank you for sharing. And thank you also for stopping by today. So nice to meet you :)

Leah said...

Great way to bring new perspective on the fashion industry.

Thanks for your comment.
xo L.

Haute World said...

This is fascinating and definitely makes you think. It's odd how several hundred years ago being larger was actually seen as the beauty ideal (the typical Ruben woman). And even today, you'll have African tribes, where large women are idealized. It's unfortunate (but true) that women do change themselves for fashion and dress more for others than themselves. Would have loved to see the video performance and displays myself.

Wonderful blog by the way!