Sunday, January 02, 2011

Min Hyo Rin For Vogue Girl Korea, Issue 2011

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Glowing Doll said...

Vogue Girl Korea kicks the ass of American Teen Vogue!

Why is it that they are less afraid of art in Asia?

Agnes Kennedy-Spencer said...

SOOO beautiful!!! <3

Bahar Karaoglan said...

@Glowing Doll
Thank You for your comment! :)
Yes, you're right! Vogue Girl Korea is much more creative than most other fashion magazines for young people. But I really don't know why or if they are really afraid of art in Asia? Sorry, it's difficult to answer you right now with my less knowledge about the Asian culture. But I will research it and answer you immadiatly when I know something more about it. I'm sure that this will also be a very interesting topic for me! :) Thanks again, you will hear from me! :)

Hapsical said...

i like this.. thanks for posting!